Signs of improvement

It’s hard to believe I am currently four weeks post-op after my shoulder surgery. I’m not really in any pain, just occasionally if I move it suddenly or get bumped. I have been sleeping in the spare room, last night I tried to sleep in my own bed, but just couldn’t settle so I went back to the spare room.

So sad to see the last of Autumn disappear and I never really got to capture any of it this year. I did, however, manage to pick up the camera for a few minutes (for the first time), just in the front yard. My Weeping Cherry tree is in glorious colour and so pretty.

We also recently had some glorious blue sky and typically Autumn puffy white clouds, just beautiful. Sadly now it is officially Winter and of course, the horrible weather came with it, still I can look at this and remember the sun on my face!

The fact that I can pick the camera up, if only for a few minutes is glorious!!

~ Julz