Our Coastal Adventure – Inverloch, Day 3 – Re-Post

We so enjoy our adventures, and being in lockdown, really made us aware of how much we miss them. So while our adventures have been curtailed I really have enjoyed revisiting some of our adventures from several years ago…I do hope you have too?

After such a big day the day before we allowed ourselves a small sleep in and a leisurely breakfast. We again headed out to Eagles Nest and Cape Paterson, to see how they differed at High Tide. Eagles Nest was still quite visible, but much more treacherous to get to. I stayed up top and took a few shots from the lookout with Wilbur, my legs were so sore and the thought of climbing all those stairs up and down (whoa poor me lol) almost had me in tears πŸ˜›

On a pure whim, we headed inland towards Wonthaggi, and visited the excellent State Coal Mine (free entry); we did not do the underground mine tour (you had to pay for that) but spent several hours wandering around up top. Very interesting indeed, lots of lovely displays and it was nice seeing a part of our history. Some of the Pioneer Settlements we had been to of recent years were of settlement history in Australia’s past, this settlement was in our childhood and could relate to a lot of it. We even stopped for a Devonshire Tea (No Cream) on the way out. Even the house felt so familiar, it could have been my Grandmother’s house from my childhood; not the same but things FELT so similar.

Hubby even found a new cat to talk to, he seems to find them while we are away of late πŸ™‚

Then on another whim, we decided to drive to Korumburra, this time to visit another Pioneer Settlement Village, I guess we were in the mood for some history today. Moth had never been and I have not been in over 30 years; oh boy has it grown. We spent hours here, wandering the grounds and replica buildings and it’s all FREE!

We finally left the area and headed back to Tarwin Lower and then onto Venus Bay, a sleepy little beachside peninsula with Bass Strait on one side and Anderson Inlet on the other. Long stretches of sandy beaches, open to the high winds off Bass Strait and at low tide (when we were there) Anderson Inlet is just sand bars as far as the eye could see; with tiny little mud crabs scurrying everywhere you walk.

This video doesn’t exist

We drove back into town, grabbed a coffee and a quick rest and then made the nightly walked into town from our hotel for dinner; back at the Invy Espy Pub for a good old fashioned Roast Lamb, like only a pub can do, heaped up and lashings of gravy. Followed this up with yummy lemon sorbet (dairy-free of course) for the walk back to the hotel.

We had been so lucky with the weather during these first three days, light winds, a little cloud and approx 20-24C each day, with the nights a little cooler. That changed at around midnight, with fierce winds and rain……….so much rain. We awoke the following morning to grey skies and even more rain, we went back to bed and had a sleep in, eventually getting back up for breakfast and then to pack up and check out.

We had planned on doing loads of stops on the way home, but the weather was so awful we ended up going straight home, we arrived even before lunchtime. It was a lovely three days and at this time of year you can expect anything from the weather, so we were fortunate to get what we got. We were leaving the fourth day, just a little earlier than planned.

~ Julz

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