Mondays Musings…

Gotta take what opportunities arise right? I have been self-isolating for months, recovering from surgery and hiding from the world. I had to bust out. Yesterday there was a small break in the weather and we headed out to our local gardens. We have been here lots, but maybe not as often as we should. It was busier than we expected, but I guess we weren’t there only ones needing to get out, still plenty of room. We were looking for birds, not my favourite subject, but still, patience wore out in the end and I got a few decent shots. New England Honey Eaters, Eastern Yellow Robin, Superb fairy-wrens were there. A few friends had been capturing flame and red-breasted robins in other parts of Melbourne, but not where we were. Still, it was nice to be out, not much in flower (it IS winter after all). Fresh air and sunshine, finished with a nice hot coffee and vegan cake…yummo!

JuliePowell_Honey Eater
New England Honeyeater

Apart from that, I spent some time relaxing, I am still building my strength and feel like I tire easily. 

The other thing I have been trying to do is track down a flu shot. Normally I don’t ever get them, but now Dad is in a nursing home, I can’t visit without it, and I cannot seem to get one anywhere. I finally found one chemist who said they had stock and would hold it, now I need a Doctors appointment to get a script…damn silly nuisance and if it makes me as sick as last time I won’t be happy!

We are celebrating the Queen’s birthday today, not our current Queen…damn silly, but it is a public holiday and a long weekend, to be honest, anything that keeps me away from the ‘job’ and at home, working makes me happy. I went back to work last week and it made me realise I really don’t wont to be there at all! My photography business is almost at the level I can walk away, just need this damn COVID19 virus to be defeated so we can get back to running our workshops.

On the workshop note, I am finally getting back into the studio soon, a few dates lined up, shoot some shots for some marketing material and promos and for a client and then we can hopefully start setting workshops up next month…so excited to be shooting again. I love my still life, but when that’s pretty much ALL you CAN shoot, you long for variety lol.

Eastern Yellow Robin

I will post more of my Australia Gardens pics soon…not much else to report.

Stay safe and well…

~ Julz, xo

P.S. I was supposed to be at a huge Hot Air Balloon event this weekend with friends in Beechworth, THANKS COVID19 for another weekend away ruined! (I know 1st world problems right?)