Mondays Musings…

Running a little late with today’s post…so tired from the weekend, I slept in a little. Life is slowly starting to get back on track, I had my first model shoot on Saturday, such a great one I have been just simply waiting to create was all set to go before COVID19! I guess a new saying will start to emerge in the way of time frame…Before COVID19 and after COVID19! What was YOUR life before and after?

So Emily joined me in the studio and we did a Vintage Boudoir shoot, and then some we had some fun creating some levitation shots for a group challenge, just for fun.

It’s was a bit windy in Melbourne…

I’ll put some of the others up soon. Hubby and I then joined some friends for a Fungi Hunt at Grants Picnic Ground in the Dandenongs. It had rained overnight, but cleared in the morning. The rain meant it was not as cold as it had been during the week 0c, but it did mean the hiking tracks were very muddy!

That’s two weekends out in a row! Mind you it was the first real hike we have done in months and I was exhausted by the time we got back to the car, and we didn’t even go that far…hence the early night and I still slept in.

I am in the planning phase for new workshops & classes coming up and I have another couple of shoots planned this week, things are starting to go back to a new normal I guess.

Well, that’s it from me, short and sweet. I hope you all have a safe and amazing week…

~ Julz, xo