The Lonely Man – Shadows

I’ll finish off this week with another instalment of The Lonely Man series. Things are seemingly a little crazy in the world right now. The whole COVID19 thing has so many people scared and unhinged it seems. A bomb just ready to explode, some say it already has, but I wonder what disaster will befall us next…or will cooler heads prevail? Scary, weird times my friends…

What shadows are we really afraid of? Is the writing on the wall, right before us? Can we find the key and the wisdom to look beyond our own fears and see them for what they really are, just shades? The Demons that follow us and stalk us do not really exist, except in our own imaginations. As children, we laughed at finger puppets and shadows on a wall, we learn to fear and hate and flinch through trials real and imagined. We learn from what we see around us, can we push past the hate and fear and see the shadows for what they really are, an absence of light. Light is love, and truth and friendship. If we can move past our shadows and into the light, our devils will follow and vanish into the night. At times the shadows feel like an immovable brick wall, blocking out the sun. But like anything, many hands can make light work, if we band together as brothers and sisters we can pull down the wall and let the sun shine through.


~ Julz