Monday’s Musings…

Wow what a great week, I have had three studio sessions in a week, then of course, needed extra physio to recover, but I must admit I am feeling really good. I have loads of editing to do, but feeling so energised and inspired, more so than in weeks, maybe even months. So busy getting things ready for when we can move ahead.

Sadly due to some people being totally selfish and not doing the right thing; going to work and visiting family while having symptoms, sending kids to school with symptoms, not quarantining themselves properly, we have COVID cases on the rise again, so the government has been forced to again tighten restrictions, when tomorrow they were going to ease them again. We have had beaches and parks closed within 30 minutes of opening because of large crowds, some places refuse to open. Zoos opened but only to members and only limited tickets per day, we were lucky and got tickets for next weekend, now to hope the weather is OK! I’ts so frustrating. Still, we can’t complain we have things so much better here than in other countries, we have had so few cases, mostly due to the government restrictions, but as soon as they ease people get silly and it spreads again.

Still, just to be able to leave the house, visit a friend or two (while socially distancing), even have a person or two in the studio, is so nice. I had a friend spend the weekend, it was so great, still feels weird not to hug or touch people, but it’s a price I’ll pay, just to be able to be in the same room. A temperature check here and there is no big deal and I can deal with hand washing and sanitising too. Will we ever have a new normal, or is this IT?

I guess life is settling into a new routine, however we did not go anywhere yesterday, it was fairly cold and drizzly and yuck, but we are looking forward to the zoo, next weekend. I have a fairly quiet week planned, I have loads of editing to do, I also have a few online presentations for camera clubs and such to get ready for, and some articles I need to write, so I will be squirrelled away in the office all week.

The evil Red Queen

I was quite privileged to have Bec from Verdessa Fairy back in the studio for another massive day of shooting her amazing headpieces, I managed to convince Bec herself to done this stunning red ball gown from my prop wardrobe and ham it up as the evil Red Queen…totally fabulous. I will feature some more when I finish editing them all.

I hope you all have an amazing week, stay safe…

~ Julz, xo