Mondays Musings…

Gee Monday comes around a LOT doesn’t it? Blink and it’s Monday again. It means I had a great weekend I guess! Here in Victoria we had a mini second wave of Covid19, 49 new case yesterday…I know that doesn’t seem like much but for weeks we have been in the single digits. Some states in Australia have not had a new case in weeks! We had tighter restrictions than many states, but more inbound travellers. We also, it seems have a lot of idiots that just don’t care and feel the rules don’t apply to them. I saw a lot of hugging and kissing in public places over the weekend, so much for social distancing.

Anyway…Thursday I had an awesome planning day, some mini shoots, wrote articles, planned upcoming classes, workshops and shoots. I am still keeping things quiet, but I can still plan the heck out of stuff. I was flat out all day but felt like I had accomplished a LOT.

Friday I went to visit Dad, the first time in weeks, due to so many restrictions, I had to get a flu shot before I could see him and they are hard to get. We then stopped in and saw Mum for a cuppa. Then off to the city to catch some city lights and tail lights at Yarra Bend Bridge. We can still only go out in small groups (10 or less), complete with strict social distancing rules. Still, it’s nice to be out and about and chat to a few people, albeit from a small distance. It really was a cold frosty night, so we didn’t stay long, I just needed some images for an article I was working on and then we grabbed some burgers and headed home.

Saturday…well this was a special treat. The Victorian Zoos had finally opened their doors a few weeks back, but were only allowing members in and only 1,000 people per day. All tickets had to be pre-booked, we booked ours early, but still had to wait. Our daughter also came with us too. As we had booked in advance it was a bit of an anxious wait on the weather. Thankfully, albeit VERY chilly in the morning it was clear blue skies and quite lovely by the time it warmed up a bit late morning. We went to Werribee Open Range Zoo, my favourite. Healesville Sanctuary (where my daughter works) is lovely, but all Aussie animals, Melbourne Zoo is a hodge podge, but so big and you can rarely actually see any animals, I don’t like it that much, apart from the Butterfly House (I adore that), but Werribee is African animals mostly, and so open you can see the animals usually pretty well. We have learnt the trick of being there early, especially for the lion feeding.

We had a marvellous day and did really well with most of the animals. I will show some more images soon…will do a separate post. When we finally left, tired and footsore and drove home, it was a quiet night in for us.

Sunday, well that was also another quiet day in. Some days you just have to stay home, do laundry, cuddle the dogs and relax on the couch.

BAM!!!!!!! and Now it’s Monday again. And so cold this morning brrrrrrrrr but I mean it will be a vlovely sunny day…eventually.

I hope you all have a wonderful week…

~ Julz