Winter Outings – Fungi Hunt

So I mentioned in a post the other day that Hubby and I went on a fungi hunt with some photographer friends recently. It had rained the previous night, so the ground was extra muddy, but the clouds had stopped it from getting really cold. We had several days recently of 0C, but it was more like at 9C. We ventured to Grants Picnic Ground, where we had not been in a while. They used to have an area for feeding many of the local native birds for the tourists. But after lots of complaints from local, the bird feeding has stopped and it is just a walking/hiking track and picnic area in the Dandenong Ranges.

It’s possibly getting a bit late for many varieties of fungi, we didn’t find much, but it was a lovely morning, catching up with friends, many of course, we have not seen since before COVID19.

Finished off with a hot cuppa and then home for lunch and normal everyday stuff. It was so nice to just get out of the house, that’s two weekends in a row!

~ Julz