In the studio – Vintage Boudoir

The best laid plans of mice and (wo)men…right? I had this idea for a vintage boudoir shoot ages ago. I fell in love with the backdrop and ordered it months ago, with the promise of setting up a date when it finally arrived. Well then the whole world lockdown happened and again this shoot was put on hold. Frustrating but what can you do? Well when restrictions finally started to lift, Emily and I made plans to get this one done straight away. I had so many shoots put on hold it was great to be able to start organising to be back in the studio again.

So why does all boudoir photography have to be near nude? Why does it have to be all sexy and seductive, it can be cute and classy as well right? So I had these cute pantaloons and chemise top that was perfect for the vintage style we were looking for and I dressed the set appropriately. Soft and pretty and lacy, from flowers and pearls (lots of pearls), I wish I had a dress form and a really nice pitcher and bowl set, mine are enamel, but they served their purpose. As did the old ladder, a nice screen or dress form would have looked better.

I have ordered a few more outfits, that are still vintage but a bit more sassy and will shoot a few more of the girls and then perhaps offer a weekend of vintage boudoir sessions.