Winter Outings – City Light Trails

One of our photography groups has been doing a few small group outings, one we recently attended was on a bridge over the Eastern Freeway in Yarrabend. It has a view of the peak hour traffic coming and going from the city and the City lights in the background. OK not necessarily enthralling, it was fun to be out and about in the chilly night. We saw and said ‘hi’ to a few people, many we have not seen for ages, there was also some new faces too. It was fairly easy to keep our distance on the bridge, there were not that many of us and it’s a wide bridge.

We only stayed about an hour and grabbed a few pics, I needed some stuff for an article I was writing for Photofocus, then we grabbed some burgers on the way home and had an early night. It was quite cold!

I actually spent a bit of time playing with intentional blur and starbursts from the lights, I just was not really feeling the scene before us. Ah! it happens.

~ Julz