The Temptation of Eve

It is said it was a snake in the Garden of Eden that seduced Eve with forbidden fruit and caused them to be banished from Eden and forced Adam and Eve to forever wander lost in the desert. Fables suggest the snake may have in fact been Lilith, Adam’s first wife. Because she refused to obey him, she was turned into a demon and Eve was created to take her place. Perhaps Lilith was turned into a snake, or her demon form could take the shape of the snake? Perhaps for Lilith revenge was sweet, as sweet as the forbidden fruit?

Just as Adam and Eve once inhabited the Garden of Eden and Eve was seduced and tempted by that forbidden fruit, must it continue to this day? Seduction and forbidden fruits have always tempted our mortal souls. How are we to withstand the offers of riches and passion? To be forever tempted by forbidden virtues – lust, greed and envy. To have what we do not possess. Are we all destined to be cast out of Eden and to wander the lands for our sins?

Will Eve be tempted once again? Will poor Adam enslaved and banished by the snake in their Garden of Eden once again. What if Adam is not there and Eve decides she is better off taking her chances with Lilith and the devil? Perhaps Lilith’s final revenge will be just that. Is Lilith the woman who controls the snake? Perhaps it is Lilith who rules both heaven and hell afterall.

The Temptation of Eve Part 1
The Temptation of Eve Part 2
The Temptation of Eve Part 3

I hope you have enjoyed my take on the Original Sin tale…

~ Julz