Winter Outings – Werribee Open Range Zoo

Even with restrictions, some things are beginning to open up to the public, one such place is Zoos Victoria, only to members and only 1,000 people per day, all tickets must be pre-booked and sell out fast. We booked tickets for Werribee Zoo (my favourite) weeks ahead and then had to cross our fingers the weather was good. We got lucky, even thought it was VERY chilly, the skies were clear and no rain nor winds were forecast.

We arrived early, as I wanted to be there when the lions were fed, I have learnt from previous trips to get to the lions first, once they have fed they hide down the back and you can’t really see them. We passed the gorillas, after only stopping briefly, and waited til the keepers fed them. They were just coming out and most grabbed their food (ribs of some kind) and went to their individual spots to eat, a couple got into a fight over one lot of ribs and one lioness ended up with a bloody nose for her troubles. Eventually they all found their own breakfast and settled in to eat.

We watched the gorey feast for sometime, then eventually made our way to the cheetah enclosure. She was doing the rounds, and patience won out for some fabulous images of her.

We stopped at the African Wild Dogs, the Hippos on our way to the safari bus. This is an open air bus, that travel the savannah where you can see zebra, giraffes, rhino, buffalo, and so much more. It runs for around 20 minutes and is always a fun trip. Sadly it is quite bumpy and rarely stops for great photos.

Back to the hippos, I love watching these wonderful creatures, then gorillas again (from a different vantage point), some more monkeys, meerkats and then grabbed some lunch.

We then headed over the The Australian Trail, watched a few emus, and kangaroos and then visited the Dinosaur exhibit. Zoos Victoria is doing a different Dino exhibit at each zoo, highlighting the fact that this is what happens to animals and habitat if we do not care for them. Wonderful animatronics and a bit of fun.

We stalked a few Superb Blue Fairy Wrens playing in the gorgeous Winter sunshine and then it was time to head back home.

Melbourne Zoo has some gorgeous new baby Snow Leopards we might try to visit in the coming weeks…so stayed tuned for those pics!

~ Julz