Mondays Musings

Well that completes one week of our new enforced six week lock down for Melbourne again. Apart from having to cancel a studio shoot (or two), a few workshops and move a lunch with the girls online, it was same old same old here. I think I am becoming a hermit these days. Our numbers for Covid19 are truly horrifying but nothing compared to the US and other countries. We are now being asked to wear face masks, something I have not been doing up until now. Hubby had a scare with a place he was work at last week now in Isolation with several confirmed cases, but the likelihood of him being infected is quite low…still concerning.

I think I am starting to perfect the work from home, I am warm and cosy, I have my animals, my family and my kettle lol. I can chat to friends any time of day or night via text, Messenger or Zoom. I have been running some of my workshops via Zoom and teaching private classes there are well. Last week I started doing another round of camera club presentations and have more this week and the next few weeks. There was a little bit of panic buying last week, I struggled to get fresh or long life milk! But all seems to have settled down again.

I did manage to get into the kitchen and do some baking. It’s been so long, but with my shoulder certain things were a little difficult. Now I am feeling so good I decided it was time. First up banana bread.

GF Banana Bread

I also made some strawberry turnovers and GF apple pies, I also made a delicious honey and beef stir fry one night, lasagne, home made pizza and meatloaf with potato bake…comfort food. Oh it felt good, cooking and baking is another form of creativity.

I also bought myself these beautiful orange Gerberas, so bright and cheerful and fun to shoot in the studio. So I was quite busy in the studio as well.

I probably should have been out and about, taking the dogs for a walk, as well, but it’s cold and grey and wet and everyone is so grumpy and suspicious if you leave your house…totally weird. I am perfectly happy in my own little bubble, I think the dogs are too.

I refuse to be brought down at the moment, I am feeling good and I am feeling mostly positive and happy in my little bubble, I can only control how I react to circumstances, I cannot control the circumstances, so no point trying, right. As long as I am doing the right thing, that is all I can do.

Stay safe, stay sane, stay well…

~ Julz, xo