Share your world – 14th July 2020

It’s still an entirely weird world. We were forced back into lockdown in Melbourne as a second wave of infections broke out and started doubling in numbers every day. we had nearly 280 new case in one day, thankfully the numbers have dropped again, but still way too high. Granted a hell of a lot better than other parts of the world, the numbers are truly terrifying. I am trying not to dwell on it.

Instead I have been looking for new avenues (have you ever read Where’s the cheese?) for making an income and getting out ‘there’. I have been building my network, my portfolio and expanding into areas like Patreon. That is a new one for me, it’s a Patrons members community. There are three tiers of Patrons and each tier gets special offers and access. I never thought of using it before for Photography, so this past week I have been setting it up. This is actually the first time I have even mentioned it!

I have been happy in my ‘bubble’ this week and keeping very busy. I even spent Friday & Saturday cooking and baking, that the first time in quite awhile. I made mini apple pies, strawberry turnovers, banana bread, lasagna, meatloaf and potato bake. It felt good. Anyway onto this week’s SYW questions by Melanie…


What song always gets you out on the dance floor? Something with a beat, that gets the toes and fingers tapping. Pink, or Meghan Trainor, so many more. Ed Sheeran (Galway Girl will do it too!) I recently was listening to the Grease Soundtrack, that’s sure to get me in the mood. I must admit I am not really a big dancer as such, but will tap feet and sort of sway on the spot sort of dance. I frequently ‘dance’ in the kitchen while I am cooking. I am more of a singer than a dancer.

What’s your favorite sleeping position? Usually on my side or my stomach. After my shoulder surgery I had a few problems as that is the side I usually sleep on, I had to sleep sitting up on pillows on my back, very awkward. I frequently have my face half buried by pillows and doona too.

If you could snap your fingers and instantly make the world better, what would you do? At the moment…eliminate or find a cure for COVID19. Such a horrible virus, killing so many people. Destroying lives, businesses, economies and so much more. To be able to walk outside, see family and friends and hug, touch and enjoy life again. To be able to shop for food without a damn mask and wondering if the next person you pass has been infected or not? I wish I could also stop the stupid people from spreading it as they believe it’s no threat. Make the conspiracy theorists understand it is real and not some government plan to control us.

What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever done, and why did you do it? I got in a helicopter and flew out of Kings Canyon in NT (near Ayers Rock). Why the scariest? I am terrified of heights and suffer from vertigo when I am more than a few feet off the ground. Why did I do it? Well I was still in my ‘Say Yes!’ phase, not even a year out of hospital and I figure the worst that could happen is we crash and die. I didn’t die the year before, so I figure I either will or I won’t (see fearless!). My Hubby really wanted to go and as I stood there booking his tickets I suddenly found myself booking for two! I mean what an incredible place to experience this, right? It was incredible, I looked through my camera viewfinder (I find this helps with the vertigo) the whole time and took photos and video. When we landed, I was so terrified my muscles had locked up and I simply could NOT get out and had to be helped by Hubby and the Pilot. To this day Hubby still can’t believe I actually did it…neither can I. Would I do it again? Well it would have to be somewhere equally amazing. Perhaps the Glaciers in NZ or Fjords in Iceland, maybe the grand canyon? Never say never.


As I said before, have spent the past week happy in my personal bubble. Trying to not deal too much with the crazy outside world. I am NOT sticking my head in the sand, but trying not to let it drag me under. So many horrible stories and stupid people doing crazy things. I just want to have control over how I react and keep calm and not get over anxious. Music and art, photography and creating helps me do that. Even cooking and baking, which can be highly creative can do that too.

Banana Bread
Jess doing the Hand Jive from Grease

Whatever you do this week, stay safe, stay home and recharge…

~ Julz