Monday’s Musings…

Our COVID19 numbers are climbing and things are becoming worse (not USA Bad, but bad for Australia). Masks are now mandatory and they are threatening stage 4 restrictions. Stage 3 would be plenty if people would just stop being dumbasses. I went food shopping recently and I was the only person even wearing a mask, apart from one or two others. People are throwing COVID parties and flouting the law and everyone else health. Nursing homes are a worry and now Dad is in one, it’s not even the public that is the risk, it’s the staff!

I stay home, whenever possible and mind my own business, it’s all I can do. I am now running at least one presentation or class a week via Zoom and I love it, I don’t even get self conscientious or nervous like with ‘live’ presentations, I can sit at home and just share my screen. I honestly think Zoom is the best thing to come out of this pandemic. But you do have to worry if we will become so used to not leaving the house it will become normal. I am sure there was a movie about that?

My daughter brought home some lovely little blueberry & lemon friands from the coffee shop next door to work, they have so few customers that they always have an over supply and give them to the surrounding business that are still open. Sad, but a win for us.

I have been conducting a few little mini shoots in the studio, all food or still life, I so miss portraits. Isn’t it the way when I am busy doing loads of portraits I long for the peace and quiet and calm of still life. When that’s all I shoot I long for the hustle and bustle and chaos of portraits! We always want we we can’t have, right?

I have another camera club presentation tonight and then I guess another quiet week in lockdown. I spend my days working behind the scenes on my website, or WordPress or even lately, that’s been my plan this past weekend was to work on my Youtube channel, continually growing and learning, right?

Whatever you get up to, I hope you are safe and well…

~ Julz, xo