In the studio – Diamonds

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend…right? That fabulous song from Marilyn Monroe in the movie Gentlemen prefer Blondes. With the red background and hot pink dress, dripping with diamonds. Classic Hollywood, classic Marilyn. I mentioned to Jess many, many months ago this would be fabulous. Jess just oozes Marilyn when she gets into character, I have shot her a few times, my favourite was the recreation of Douglas Kirkland in bed with marilyn B&W series.

Jess was out shopping and came across this incredible dress in a thrift store, just needed a little work, then came the background, the jewellry and the idea came together. Then Came the lockdown and everything got put on hold. Eventually we got a brief period we could shoot so we grabbed our stuff, set a date and voila, grabbed some shots. Did this the same day we did the rock’n’roll dance party, such extremes right? Jess was totally fabulous, and yes the dress is not quite the same shade, the hairstyle and jewells not quite the same, but we were inspired not copying. We’re allowed to get a little creative. We figured we could do a Marilyn experience day…one day when life resumes again

Gosh I love working with this girl, so talented and such a professional plus a real sweetheart and friend…

~ Julz