In the studio – Rock and Roll dance party

In between lockdowns and on again, off again studio time, so much a roller coaster, don’t know which way is up some days. I did manage to get in a shoot with Jess. These Rock’n’Roll dance party are long overdue in many way. Jess aka Miss Fairyfloss is a rockabilly model, that is her usual thing, with hot rods and stuff like that. Not my usual ‘thing’ but Jess loves that we me she can be a princess, a fairy, a steampunk heroine and so much more. So we have loads of fun. But in the four years we have worked so closely together I have never once shot her in rockabilly, so it was about time.

We also had plans of doing this as a workshop alongside 1920s Great Gatsby with Emily, they would fabulous together, such a stark contrast. ANyway we had plans of doing this pre lockdown, but had to cancel the class. Sadly I was marketing it with images of Jess by other photographer (with permission), but I really was not happy with them. Now I have this set, which are gorgeous and loud and over the top. I had a photographer friend join me in the studio and we had loads of fun. We popped on the soundtrack to Grease and sang and danced and got a bit silly…why not?

Later the next day, while out shopping with same photographer friend (she spent the weekend), we found a larger record perfect for the workshop, some red striped straws for the coke bottle. Now all I need is for restrictions to lift so I can start running some workshops. This one needs room and a few people to cover costs. Oh well, I guess the images can sit there until they are needed. It’s entirely possible by the time I run it, people may have forgotten all about these images and they will be new again.

~ Julz