Share your world 28th July 2020

Our current world status is quite surreal isn’t it? I try to stay positive, I try to look on the bright side, but occasionally worry and anxiety rear their ugly heads. I feel frustrated and angry that things aren’t resolving quicker. I worry about family and friends, I mean who doesn’t, right? But we just do the best we can and muddle along. Eventually we have to get on top of this damn virus, right? Meanwhile I stick to my own little bubble and do things I enjoy (mostly). Although I did spend several days cleaning (which is not normally my thing), and some more baking (which is, but I just ate it, not shoot it…weird right?). Anyway…onto this week’s SYW


Are you a clean or messy person? Define mess? My house is fairly clean, but I do seem to collect clutter. Every now and then I can’t live with the clutter and do a clean up, only to have the old clutter replaced with new clutter. I live with two other adults (Hubby & daughter) and they both seem to leave a lot of clutter too. I keep saying our house is too small, but I am sure a bigger house would get filled with clutter too! My home office is messy too…so maybe I am a messy person 🙂

If I asked you to describe yourself in five words – what would they be? Creative, passionate, introvert, driven, friendly.

Do you enjoy being out in nature? A little goes a long way. I am happy to be out in nature for a reason and a limited time. I don’t really like camping. I love mountain or beach views, but not into long hikes. Happy for a quick stroll to get somewhere. I love it while I am there, but once I get tired or in too much pain, I’d rather be home. I guess if I were in better shape and could walk more, it would be different. I often sit in the gardens and just enjoy nature, when the weather is nice.

What could you spend all day talking about? Not fair! lol Photography…easy. Or editing, or Digital Art or Photos or…Next to that my kids and my pets. Sometimes my hubby, sometimes family and friends. Did I mention photography? lol

Attitude of Gratitude:

This week I am definitely feeling thankful for technology. Still being able to chat with Dad via Skype, chat with other friends and family face to face so to speak, when you can be there in person. Who knew the Jetsons had it so right! Being able to work from home most days, still have to go to the ‘office’ a couple of days a week (Which sucks) but does give me time to work on my blog posts and such! I can also still run my classes…which is awesome! Not quite the same as in-person, but so much better than nothing!


This week I will leave you with some pretty hydrangea, I need to get some more images done…soon!

Take care, and stay safe…

~ Julz, xo