In the studio – apple harvest

It’s been a while since I did some serious light painting in the studio, with my shoulder it was a little too difficult. But it is feeling really good now and I felt like spending some time with these apples (which I was going to make apple pies with), before I cut them up. I still wanted to tell a little story, an Apple Harvest story. Keeping with natural textures with the wooden bushel bucket, the timber tray and twig wreath and even the cinnamon sticks and tinware. Don’t you just love cooking apples with cinnamon? yummo

So with various exposures from 30 seconds to a minute, F/11, I painted my individual scenes with my little torch, while sitting in the dark. Obviously my camera was setup on a tripod and I used ND6 filters to make things even darker. The long the shutter can be open the more painterly the images become, and more details are brought out. Truly is a beautiful way to photograph everyday subjects.

~ Julz