I can’t call it Musings as musings sounds thoughtful, hopeful, fun even…yesterday in Melbourne they just announced stage 4 Covid19 restrictions. So NO fun here. Look most people are doing the right thing, from what I have seen, but then I am not out that much. I went food shopping today and had to queue for 30 mins just to get into the supermarket! Everyone waited patiently, everyone wore masks and mostly kept their distance. But there are too many idiots who think the rules don’t apply to them.

Take my neighbours, they frequently have guests, I swear yesterday they were having a kids party from the noise and SOOOOOOOOOOO many cars. They even had the cheek the other week to put a letter in everyone’s letterbox to say as they had a Covid death in the family overseas, they had special exception from the local government and police so they could have family over…I called bullshit then, still do! I am not the only neighbour complaining either. Why do we all get penalised because they think they are so special and above everyone else? I don’t what your cultural or religious beliefs are, we all have to obey the restriction rules, its the ONLY way to beat this damn virus…if we ever do.

I want people to stop getting sick, I want people to stop dying, I want to be able to visit family and friends and hug them. I want to eat at a restaurant with friends. Go shopping, go travel…I want life to go back to normal. I guess we all do. Australia doesn’t even have it that bad, I have no idea HOW people in other countries like UK and US are coping?

Wilbur the travelling Wombat from happier times

I know I probably shouldn’t rant, but sometimes you just need to vent, right. If you’ve made it this far, thanks…if not, I don’t blame you. Stay safe…

~ Julz