Share your world – 5th August 2020

Melbourne is as of 11.59pm tonight going into stage 4 lockdown, You are not allowed to leave your house apart from a 1 hour walk and to do food shopping, unless you are required for essential work, and then you need a permit. I will be working from home, remotely…which is actually what I have been wanting to do for months, now we have to…for six weeks. I have loads of stuff planned. Let’s see if I get it done! Now…for this week’s questions for SYW


What will finally break the Internet?  Do you believe it can be broken at all? Please don’t give me nightmares. I am going into stage 4 lockdowns and without the internet, my life is going to be quite insane. No Facebook, no Zoom, no work from home remotely (OK so I can live without that one lol), NO NETFLIX!!!!!!!!!! Oh the horror! My live is becoming a virtual digital reality, it’s so weird. I have ‘lunch dates’ with friends via Zoom. At least I will still have wine!

What are some ‘red flags’ to watch out for in daily life?  (take it as you want) People being grumpy and agitated, that is usually a sign they are about to ‘blow up’. Myself included. I also start feeling guilty and anxious. I have absolutely no idea why I feel guilty or about what? Survivor syndrome?

What’s the silliest thing someone has argued with you about? Camera makes. If you are into cameras you are going to fall into one make or another Sony / Nikon / Canon /Olympus. They are very different people; Sony are the creators, the go-getters. Nikon are a little elitist, the perfectionists. Canon are everyone’s friend and share their toys. And Olympus are kind of the hippy happy goers. And they are convinced their brand is the best. To be honest pretty much any damn camera is amazing these days. It’s the photographer and not the gear. But don’t try to tell us that lol. I guess it’s a bit the same with car enthusiasts.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve found lying on the ground / side of the road? I once found a gun, like a pistol. It turned out to be a toy, but from a distance it looked real. I also found a empty condom packet on a coffee table in a restaurant, now THAT had me wondering what was going on and where, I also did not put my drink on THAT particular coffee table lol.


This week, as I really have not much to say I have been re-posted some of our travels from years ago, quite handy I have had so many, so I guess that really is something to be grateful for. My family are all safe and well.

I hope you are all safe and well and have a great week…

~ Julz