Great Ocean Road – Day 3 – Repost

The GOR is known for it’s amazing rocky coastline, so many fabulous view points of rocky outcroppings, can’t just stop at one…

We packed up our car and left Port Campbell, as we had discovered not only did we leave the battery charger at home, also the card reader, well done us! With nothing here locally we headed off into Warrnambool for some camera gear, only 1 hour away!

We stopped in Peterborough on the way back to check out a few ship wrecks; Young Australian, Schomberg and Newfield (No wreckage to see). Managed to trip over a gutter and completely mash up my shin; brilliant bruises (I am such a clutz, honestly). Banged the camera on the concrete as well, a bit scratched and dinged up; but seems OK.

We then headed back towards Port Campbell, to start from where we left off yesterday. We stopped at the Arch, London Bridge and the Grotto.

The Arch is the latest version of the Bridge, still attached to the main land. London Bridge broke away from the mainland in 1990,  some say the Arch is better, but I still prefer the London Bridge. While Moth climbed up and down countless stairs I stayed at the looked out and took some much needed long exposures. They are a form of meditation! We stopped in next at The Grotto. I have never heard of this one before, must be fairly new.

We then proceeded onto the Bay of Martyrs, which is absolutely stunning and another wreck The Falls of the Halladale (almost impossible to find!). We found the plaque and anchor near a playground in Peterborough, by chance.

Back through Peterborough for the Bay of Islands. We went through quite a few little known tracks (after chatting to a few locals the night before) and found the perfect spot for sunset. Finding no decent, cheap accommodation in Peterborough we went back to Port Campbell for a hotel and dinner.

After dinner we headed back out to the Boat Bay for sunset, not quiet as good as the night before, sadly. We then drove the long, dark drive back to the hotel, dodging kangaroos and wallabies all the way.