Great Ocean Road – Day 4 – Repost

One of the things we love about our adventures is we never know what to expect, sure we can plan a rough itinerary, but we frequently go exploring hidden tracks and out of the way spots. Sometimes we luck onto some truly amazing scenery or animals or spots that simply take you breath away…

Left Port Campbell and again drove back through Peterborough, in search of a few more ship wrecks, this time at Childers Cove. If you find Radford’s Road and drive right to the end there is a secluded little spot where the John Scott and the Antares were lost. Everyone on the John Scott was saved, but all hands were lost on the Antares. The Antares was the last major shipping disaster in the area, although many others have perished in smaller vessels or rock fishing.

Further down the road is another secluded little cove called Childers Beach, again more stairs to a pretty little beach. Betty Boo is starting to look a little dirty! Not so new now hehehehe.

This was the sight of yet another wreck Children (where on earth do they come up with these names?). All along this stretch were so many beautiful beaches and NO Tourists, it was a lovely pleasant morning. Eventually we headed off to Warrnambool. First stop was Logan’s Beach Whale Sanctuary, whale watching beach………..mostly Southern Right Whales in Winter (May – October), not summer so no whales for me, just lots of beach and surfers.

We then headed over to the Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village, this is a replica Maritime village, and lots of fun, although very hot and no shade.

Had a lovely lunch in the Pippies Restaurant and then wandered around Lady Bay Harbour (More ship wreck sites – 10 in fact) and then  the Breakwater, Thunder Point, gave up looking for Shelley Beach.

Finally wandered back into town, found a hotel, had dinner ($16.00 Parma and Pot night at Last Coach Pub, even did Gluten Free!) and planned our next step of the trip. Early night.