Great Ocean Road – Day 7 – Repost

We tend to travel in the off season, when the crowds aren’t so bad, we get cheaper accommodation, and good runs. It also means we get less than ideal weather. Sometimes we are VERY lucky, other times not so much. We were hitting extreme temperatures, which are common in these parts, but a little earlier in the season than normal. At least it didn’t rain! I hope you enjoyed our trip down the GOR and along the coast to S.A. I will have to find another trip for next re-visit…

We left Hamilton early, the weather was becoming hotter. We made a few detours and headed to Penshurst via Tarrington, stopped and took photos of some great Hay Bale Art, apparently this is a yearly thing for the residents, it was a lot of fun; albeit very hot (My favourite is Yoda!). It had hit over 40C by 10am and it was climbing, with dry gusty winds.

We drove to the lookout at Mount Rouse in Penshurst and walked along the shady track over looking the Grampian ranges. There were hundreds of butterflies everywhere, sadly none of my shots worked 😦


There is also steep steps (129) to the lookout; Moth went, I took the track around. We then drove through Horsham, Camperdown, Anglesea, The Stony Rises, finally onto Geelong. We stopped at many interesting and some derelict buildings for photos as we went, but we did not stop anywhere for too long, as it was so hot (hit 45C). We stopped at my Sister in laws for a cuppa and chat and then the last stretch home.

We came home two days early, for several reasons.

  1. My knee was aching and I had been struggling the last few days
  2. the weather forecast was for even hotter temperatures over the next 2 days………too hot to hike, bush walk, or even get out of the car to see anything.
  3. The areas we had travelled were so dry, it is bush fire season and something was going to ignite very soon – there was dry lightning expected; a very REAL danger in these parts. It was actually a little scary knowing at any minute something could ignite.

Little did we know how right, but wrong we were. There were fires, but not where we expected. Along the Great Ocean Road at Wye River and Settlement Creek, as well as further North from Hamilton. Areas we had already passed through.

Aerial shot Great Ocean Road, and Wye River – Google Images

Bushfires are a normal occurrence in Australia, something that happens every year (as in other parts of the globe as well), we are fairly well prepared, but it is still a reality and the country does recover. In fact some of our plants need fire to split open their seed pods to propagate.I still feel terrible for the people who lost their house and possessions.

Well that is it for this trip, I hope you have enjoyed it almost as much as we did………….I loved the areas around Port Campbell the most. The colours, the drama, the stunning coastline.

Til next time, safe travels and happy snapping