Monday’s Musings…

While we are still in stage four lock down, things are not overly difficult…yet. Sure I still miss travel, but doesn’t everyone? I still chat with family and friends, albeit online, socials and email. I still run classes and presentations. I actually had two x three hours classes on Saturday…great fun but still mentally fatiguing. I found I was occasionally stumbling over my words, a sure sign I am over thinking things lol.

I have more armchair travel this week, it’s been quite lovely to re-visit old trips and weekends away. I shared many larger holiday last lock down, this this time round a few trips closer to home I guess. I doubt I will run out of old posts, even if it is just day trips, as we have had so many adventures over the last few years.

Spring is just around the corner, they days have been less cold and we have even had some sunshine, gardens are just starting to bud and grow. Great time to be in the garden with my camera.


It’s kind of scary watching the world news, seeing parts of the US dealing with raging bush fires, it was just this past Summer we had such devastating bush fires here, while the world watched on in horror, all but forgotten due to the pandemic. I am sure those people effected here and in the US are struggling to get over this in the current world conditions. As we head back towards Summer down under have we learned any lessons from last year? Or has it all been swept under the rug until the next horror year, which happens about every 10 years or so.

I have a quiet week this week, not a bad thing at all. I might continue Spring cleaning, last week I dusted and washed down all the Venetian blinds and scrubbed the kitchen cupboards. This week I might start on the windows, at least inside ones the outside ones I can hose off. I wish to air the house out, but need some not so cold, not so wet weather and I don’t believe that will happen this week!


So that’s about it from me, I hope you have a safe but productive week…

~ Julz