Monday’s Musings

Not much to report, except we had the coldest, wettest Winter’s weather here, especially Friday and Saturday. I refused to even leave the house, rugged up and either watched TV, taught a few classes and also created some art. I actually created quite a bit of art…totally felt in my groove.

Fairy Stories – A Winter’s Tale

The Raven that started it all was a photo taken by a friend of mine and she happily gave me a copy of it (and another) to make some art…this is A Winter’s Tale. Inspired by the weekend’s weather.

My initial inspiration? Hubby had been playing Medieval on the PlayStation and I watched for a little bit, then this idea popped into my head, I got up and went and created it. We spent a wonderful night at opposite ends of the house lol. I also did Autumn and Spring, will create a Summer today perhaps.

This week is just more work from home, more cooking and Spring cleaning and not much else, my calendar is completely empty apart from one class on Saturday…very weird. But I am sure that will change, it often does.

I hope you are having a safe & stress-free week…

~ Julz, xo

P.S. If you are in the bush fire affected areas, stay extra safe, I wish we could send our fireys to help, not sure what will happen there with international travel bans.