Share your world 25th August 2020

Time for another instalment of Share Your World meets Harry Potter. This week it’s the Prisoner of Azkaban. This is where things start getting really interesting in the HP world, I believe…

One of my favorite gifts that Harry Potter received came from the Weasley Twins; and was “Mr. Mooney’s Marauder’s Map”. This magical document showed every classroom, hallway and secret corner in all of Hogwarts. It also showed you the location- by name- of every person in Hogwarts.  If you had such a magical map of your town, what would you use it for? If you would not use it, is there another person to whom you would gift it? I could of used one as a kid, these days possibly not so much. It would be good to sneak into the movies, concerts and hide from people I didn’t ant to see. Also spy of people and events, that I didn’t want them to know about. But then again, knowing too much can be a dangerous thing, right?

When was the last time you made a snowball? Were in a snowball fight? I don’t think I have ever been in a real snowball fight, maybe as a kid? I have only seen snow a few times in my life, I really don’t like the cold. I love the look of snow…on TV or in photos! I usually don’t go looking for it!

Many cultures set great value in each child of the family having godparents. Did you have godparents? Are you a godparent yourself? I don’t think I have God Parents, no idea. My children certainly don’t have any. Never saw the need. There are people they can turn to for help, family friend and such. I have friends who would have taken them in if anything happened to us, but thankfully that was never really needed.

You have found a secret tunnel under your house. Where does it go? This one is easy, we often joke about it, one of my dearest friends lives two doors up, my girls are friends with her daughters. BBQ, lunches, Christmas and swimming in their pool. So many grand days spent either here or there. We often joke about a path under the house between us, so we could visit quickly. Not that walking past that one house is such an effort, lol. But when it was raining or really cold…we still say, wouldn’t it be nice?

The Sorting Hat
Magic cloak of light

It’s kind of been a strange bubble week, I haven’t left the house, tried to steer clear of ‘political and covid’ stuff on SM. Reading blog post that are interesting or engaging, or funny. Writing tutorials, watching tutorials (of other people), creating art, cleaning the house more (slowly getting on top of the Spring cleaning…before Spring), and catching up with family and friends via zoom and such. I am still working from home as well, although to be honest that’s so quiet it is non-existent to a point.

The weather has been cold, wet and miserable…but it is now starting to improve, so hopefully walk the dogs again (it’s been a few days) and get the camera out as well.

I hope you are having a safe and stress-free week…

~ Julz, xo