Meet Woodrow

It’s funny what we are drawn too isn’t it? The heart wants what the heart wants, right? For such a long time I have wanted a vintage duck decoy, but they are rather hard to find and often quite expensive. I am also quite partial to folk art, in particular early American Folk Art. So when I came across the Vintage American Fold Art Duck Decoy…I just had to have it. I managed to haggle the price down to something quiet reasonable and we made a deal.

He is a little care-warn and has a few minor marks, but they are just part of his charm. He has such lovely colours and I named him Woodrow, it seemed suitable for such a handsome fella.

So I had a bit of a play, there was a challenge in a Facebook group to create three different still life images using at least one prop the same in each. I used Woodrow, my dried hydrangea and the same cheesecloth. I did change the background and the table and some other props.

~ Julz