In the studio – playing with minimalism part one

In my back garden I have a frog pond, sadly there are currently no frogs, we did once have frogs, but a sad mishap one hot Summer while we were on holidays meant we lost our tadpoles and the parent frogs moved (or maybe died) to more suited surrounding. We have fixed the frog pond, but our backyard is now so closed off the local frogs can’t find us and we have yet to find any and bring them home. Still I digress…in my pond is some beautiful lilies. I know some people don’t like them and think of them as death lilies, or weeds. My hubby has to put them out and split them up a lot and he always grumbles about it…but at the moment there is loads of them.

So I cut some and took them into the studio to play with some stark minimalism. This flowers are perfect, so simple and structural. I placed them on a simple black cloth background for my first scene and used my macro lens as well as my 18-75mm.

I also shot them with a white background, which I will save for another post.

~ Julz