Monday’s Musings…

Still mostly quiet in our little bubble. There is unrest in the state, but we are not out of the woods here yet. Covid numbers are dropping, but not enough to stop the current state of emergency.

Oh another note, it’s interesting how we respond to challenge, some get frustrated and lash out, some look for alternatives. Happily I am in the later. Mum had an issue with her PC, using a remote access program I accessed and fixed it, well mostly. Apparently the really bad storms we had during the week are still affecting some power and internet settings. Felt good to be able to fix things without stressing about the visiting bans.

We have been wanting to renovate our office, paint, new desk and cupboards etc. So we started dismantling it all on Friday…new furniture arrives today (I hope) and we started patching and painting yesterday. Can’t wait to have it finished.

The yellow is bring replaced by a more modern black and grey. Stay tuned.

A quiet week just working on the office, and a few other bits and pieces.

I hope you have an safe week…