Collectables – Tea Cups

Do you collect anything? Coins, Stamps, spoons? I used to collect stamps as a kid, I think I still have a stamp book somewhere. I must confess I am a bit of a hoarder, especially since I started photographing still life. I try not to be, I try to eradicate all the ‘stuff’ from the house and it frequently ends up in the studio. Every now and then I did a Prop sell-off, but more often than not I can’t seem to part with things…so sill, but that’s so very human, right?

Anyway I have a collection of pretty teacups and saucers, two of which belonged to my grandmother (not shown here). The rest I have bought here and there. Thrift stores, Spotlight and such. So I thought I would grab a few favourites and make a pretty picture or two…

So do you collect anything? I’d love to know, maybe even share a link to some images of your collectables?

~ Julz