Monday Musings…

I think it’s Monday, going by the calendar on the PC…being in our little bubble for five weeks now, every day is becoming a bit of a blur, if I see something that needs doing I do it, no need to wait for a workday or the weekend. Wash basket is full, run a load, see dust…dust, see dirt… vacuum. Want a two hour lunch break to watch a movie…do it! I don’t have a problem. Some days I do procrastinate and other days I work 12 hours. I guess it evens out in the end. We still have no real end in sight for our lock down, just announcing yesterday another extension of at least two weeks…oh well.

At least every second day (if not every day) I take the dog, Chloe, for a walk. My daughter takes young Dexter for a run (they both have energy) Chloe and I just need a gentle walk to remove the kinks. So on Saturday I walked paste the neighbours, totally incredulous that they had visitors (again) in a complete stage 4 lockdown. Their visitors were just leaving, I tried to get the number plate of the car, but he sped paste me and it was a blur. I have snitched to the cops so many times and nothing happens…it’s so frustrating. It’s idiots like this which are keeping our numbers high. I can’t even walk the dog with a neighbour for a chat, Zoom is my life…I know everyone else is in the same boat (or worse).

So we spent the weekend working in the study, it’s almost done, putting the boxes together, marking out where they are going and putting them up, took most of Saturday! Friday was spent painting the walls, last weekend was patching and painting the ceiling (after emptying the room out). I must say it is all coming together.

Then of course, I had to fill them lol, then unpack and refill them, again…OCD! Anyway the next part of the desk is being a little troublesome, but we are getting there slowly. Meanwhile I am still setup in the dinning room, hubby is in the office…we are thinking of swapping that around.

Netflix is still my saving grace, just to sit back and chill for an hour or so in the evenings, currently watching Salvation.

What is everyone else watching or doing? How do you fill in your time?

~Julz, xo