It’s Spring…

Well it is now officially Spring here in the Southern States, not my favourite season, but it marks the end of Winter, and I am NOT a fan of Winter at all. But, we were lucky that our stage 4 lock down was during some horrible weather, now it is on the improve, hopefully we can get back to our adventures soon.

In the meantime I picked up some pretty Spring Blossoms on my morning walk and gave them the dark and moody treatment, I also gave them a much lighter and brighter look too.

They are just so pretty and Spring-like aren’t they?

On a completely different note I did something different this morning, I did a click and collect, lock down style. Up until now I have been ordering online and having stuff delivered, but deliveries are taking for ever. So I need some stuff from the local hardware and the office supply store, ordered online, waited for the email and booked in my collection times. Then this morning I went and picked them both up. Drove up, showed my order number thru the window, waited in the car and they brought it out to me and packed in the boot. Can’t say I hated it. Comfort of my own car, the radio on didn’t have to wade through crowds or walk up and down isles trying to find what I wanted…the only thing missing was a coffee…I might take one to go next time!

Have a great week…

~ Julz