Banana Muffins

It’s funny, with more time on my hands I would have thought I would be doing more baking, but the honest truth is I just can’t be bothered. Weird, right? I mean it’s normally right up my alley and being home 24/7 is the perfect opportunity to try out new recipes and bake some yummy things. I did have plans to start out that way, but I have only made some banana muffins and strawberry turnovers.

The muffins went straight into the freezer in individual freezer bags ,after a little impromptu photo shoot. The turnovers we ate straight away, (mmm too good to wait) and I never got around to shooting those…maybe next time. Even thought they taste great, not overly photogenic as such…the jam usually oozes out and makes a mess!

Apart from that I am usually cooking every night, I try to make something yummy and wholesome, occasionally we have wedges with bacon and cheese, or home made pizza or burgers. Have you been doing any cooking or baking? What’s your go to weekly meal?

~ Julz