The Office Project

I know I’ve mentioned the office project in a few posts, but I thought I might give it a whole post of it’s own. We moved into this house some 20 plus years ago and it was all white…white ceilings, walls, door and skirts with horrible 80s apricot verticals and pink bathrooms! They HAD TO GO. We painted the house in a variety of bright colours, I mean it was the 90s. The lounge room and office were this sunny yellow. The lounge still is. The kitchen was blue and grey (Now cream and wood), the kids lounge was blue and purple and stars and moons, their bathroom hand painted seascapes and leaping dolphins (there was an argument about painting over those! The kids wanted to keep them). Anyway we have now done the kitchen, meals and laundry area, the kids lounge room and bedrooms, the kids bathroom, our bathroom and bedroom. All a more neutral and modern palette.

The office was in need of a freshen up, but also a re-design, it was a little cramped with both me and hubby in there. I started taking photos after we took down all the prints and photos, but you get the idea.

  • Remove prints and artwork
  • remove and pack away books and nic nacs
  • remove shelving
  • remove old desk
  • clean, patch and re-plaster, then paint ceiling and walls
  • mark out boxes…there are eleven and they are on individual hangers, this took almost a whole day to mark out and then hang them!
  • add in new desk and cupboards
  • fill wall boxes and decorate
  • add monitors and PC (still need to re-cable a few things and tidy up cables)
  • settle in

We still need to do a few things…new blind (when stores open), still waiting on racking for the RAID storage systems (we have three!) also a little cupboard under the window for storage…both should be here in a week or so. I also want to put up a few more smaller photos and such.

We are so happy with it all and it works really well, everything has it’s place and it is all nice and neat and tidy…let’s see if we can keep it that way.

~ Julz