Friday’s Flowers

My hubby has taken on the chore of food shopping. We used to do it together, but current restrictions forbids two people from the same house shopping together. I can’t push a full trolley and I struggle to lift full shopping bags…so he goes. I do all the cooking and cleaning, I also buy the meat and fresh veg etc. It all works out well in the end. Anyway…he came home from shopping on Sunday with a beautiful bunch of Spring blooms, just to brighten up my day and the house. He also figured I could use them for photography in the studio as well. Isn’t that sweet?

I felt they had a cottage feel so I placed them in an old enamel jug, I also did a light and a dark version, I have pulled some of the blooms out and shot them separately as well.

So…now you can enjoy my flowers as well. I hope you have an enjoyable weekend.

~ Julz