The Pony Project

While we were working on The Office Project, we pulled out some older items which we wanted to have on display. One such item was The Pony. This belongs to my Husband, there is in the below image an old photo of a small boy about two years old with his toy Pony…that’s my Husband and his pony.

The Pony

He has always had it, apparently he took it everywhere and looked after it so well. I on the other hand loved my toys to death. This pony now well over 50 years old is still in terrific shape, safely away from the hands of my children and now safely behind glass in a display. The other photo we believe is a great-great grand father or perhaps even a great, great uncle.

Anyway what we found was that the small photo (once was colour) is so badly aged I attempted to preserve what I could, digitally.

Original state
Digital re mastered

Sadly all colour is gone so I converted to black and white, I spent hours and hours fixing this image, but so glad it is done. We still have the original on display, but now we also have this to treasure.

I have also bee scanning many hard copy photos into the computer over the last few months, trying to digitally preserve them as well, but none have been as bad as this one was.

~ Julz