Some exciting news

Finally I can say something!!!! I have been very hush hush on this little project, but now I can finally tell everyone. My dear sweet friend and main model Jess, is going to be Mum again. Weird times indeed being pregnant in a total lock down, I guess I know WHO wasn’t socially distancing lol. But we have been planning and discussing HOW we were going to make the announcement image look.

But seriously it’s awesome, as I know Jess has been wanting a little brother or sister for Connor, who is now 6 years-old. We had so many ideas for the announcement, but lockdown meant we can’t be together in the studio, so we had to do the shoot via social media, not the best way, but we deal with what we can, right? We did a trial run back in May which you can read about here.

Jess being a rockabilly model, she wanted a 1950s look and feel and perhaps something a little bit cheeky. Sadly due to our lockdown we couldn’t meet up to shoot in person, so we again had to make use of available technology and shot over messenger. Not quite the same quality as in the studio, but it is what it is. Actually, we had more luck last time, but I don’t know what we did different.

Oh well, I am now known as Nana Julz, I think between all the photographers Jess works with this may be the most photographed baby around in 2021…I hope it’s a cute kid lol.

It does put a dampener on my workshops, which we had hoped to have up and running in a couple of months, by then I doubt Jess will fit in her Marilyn Monroe dresses!!! Oh well, I guess we may need to look at some maternity shoots. I’ll keep you updated

~ Julz