Monday’s Musings…

What started off as a stressful week finally gave way to calm and some peace and quiet from Thursday through to yesterday. It was supposed to be an entire week off from ‘stuff’, but that was not to be. Still the last few days have been lovely.

I spent two days just playing in Photoshop and creating art…just coz!

Pretty Peony

On more local matters, as we have been really good in our local area (Melbourne Metro) the curfew has been lifted and I can now walk with a friend, still can’t actually visit anyone as such, but we can meet somewhere for a walk. Still can’t go more than 5kms from home, so many of my favourite gardens (which are now opening to the public) I can’t visit, still have to wait at least three weeks for that! I’ll miss so much Spring beauties in that time, I missed Autumn this year too, so over this damn virus, I wish they could hurry up and find a cure. I am still happily working from home and sticking to my own personal bubble, Zoom-ing with everyone else.

Not much else to report, we are all alive and well and sane…can’t ask for much more than that, I guess. My youngest (in Brisbane) had a cold last week, so had to have the horrid Covid test, nasty horrible annoying thing that is too, but she came back negative, thank goodness.

Take care, stay safe and stay sane…

~ Julz