Spring blossoms in black & white

What now seems like many years ago I planted two weeping cherry blossom trees in the front yard, on either side of the pond and in front of the main windows. They block and filter the sun in Summer and in Winter they are bare and let in sunlight. They are simply gorgeous, although my Hubby complains when they loose the blossoms and the leaves (Spring and Autumn) as they usually fall in the pond and make a mess…still so pretty. After least season we really cut them back quite harshly…but they have bounced back so well. In fact, I believe they are more abundant than ever.

So I went out and took a few photos, I used a few of my latest Classic Black and White Lightroom Presets on them, look great in black and white!

Just as well I have so many great plants in my own backyard, because I still can’t travel more than 5kms from home, which means I still CAN’T visit my favourite gardens 😦

~ Julz