Monday’s Musings…

It’s been a rather quiet week, it’s been wonderful. It was a little stressful behind the scenes for the last month or so, I won’t go into details, but things were getting rather stressful. So, I pencilled in a couple of weeks off…to a degree. No classes, no presentations, no workshops. I still had work to do, but even that I took a step back from. Sometimes we just have to, don’t we?

I created art, some of which I will share with you this week. I also read and watched TV, I started chair yoga and Tai Chi via YouTube, which have helped enormously. I have also been using the exercise bike a bit and just sitting in the gardens. We enjoyed some lovely weather this week. Saturday was actually quite warm 29C…the week before we had the heater on. Oh Melbourne in Spring lol…you NEVER know what weather you’ll get.

Of course, I was also out in the gardens with the camera, thankfully I have some rather interesting plants in my own gardens, as we still really can’t go anywhere much as yet. I am really looking forward to visiting some of my favourites in a few weeks.

I have been playing with stacked focus macro this past week too, some have been great and really interesting, some didn’t work out as I planned…but with everything new undertaking there is always a time for practise and learning.

Bromeliad – 7 images
Clivia – 14 images

This week, I am slowly easing back into things, I have some presentations and final touches on two brand new 8-week classes starting next week, will also be looking to arrange some more online workshops. I might continue trying to take it easy as well, as it is becoming an enjoyable pastime. I am sure when we can finally get out and about in another few weeks, I might get rather busy. First up the local gardens, to capture the last of Spring.

Have a great week, stay safe…

~ Julz