Digital Art – Portrait

I have been playing with the mixer brush in Photoshop, I have been revelling in just creating art for the fun of it and isn’t that the point? We create because we enjoy it, it doesn’t really matter what ‘IT’ is. The feeling of joy when we create, the sense of purpose, the sense of self, the sense of calm and quiet I sometimes forget that. I have lately been just creating not for anything in particular, just because…and I have truly loved the images I have created because of it.

Sometimes I think we need to step back from the helter-skelter world around us, disconnect from social media and just breathe. So much turmoil in the world right now, so much anger and frustration, it’s not good for anyone. So please, be mindful, take a step back and breathe…

Have you been spending a little time on your own, just creating? Or perhaps immersed in a good book or two? Maybe your thing is gardening? Tell me, HOW have you been spending your quiet moments? Would love to know.

~ Julz