Monday’s Musings…

It’s been a week of mixed emotions. For those that don’t know my Dad passed away on the 6th after a 4-year battle with Motor Neuron Disease. He was trapped in a body that no longer functioned, which was so horrible to witness (let along live with) as he was such a hands-on person. He worked as a plumber his whole life and tinkered and raced dune buggies. For those who have already sent me heart-felt messages…Thank you so much.

This whole week I arranged the removal from the nursing home, and his cremation, planned his memorial service and wrote an eulogy. I was also the photo gatherer. I spent hours collected, scanning and digitally restoring many old photos.

Sadly many of the photos have been lost, so this is the only one I have with Dad as a baby (with my older brother).

Going through all the old photos brought up lots of memories and stories Dad told of his childhood, he was born in 1937, so he lived through the Great Depression. Lots of laughter and some tears.

Dad as a baby with his Mum

I had many friends drop off beautiful flowers, but due to damn COVID19, none can visit. Even the memorial we are only allowed 10 and the rest must watch via a live Stream…so weird.

On Saturday I needed a break, some fresh air and sunshine, as we still can’t travel more than 5kms from home, we went to the local botanical park, which is pleasant enough but more of a jogging/walking/dog track than gardens. Still I managed to capture some great images for an article, and a few of the last roses in the rose garden.

It was lovely to just go for a wander, however it was a VERY busy place to be and after and hour or so, we left. Sunday was just food shopping, washing and cleaning…boring stuff really. But I did sneak in some time and my beautiful flowers.

I hope you have a safe and pleasant week…

~ Julz, xo