Share your world – 27th October 2020

I felt like I was just saying once we hit Halloween, the year is pretty much over. And…it’s almost Halloween, but I feel it will be a lack lustre affair this year. Oh well. Such a shame it’s a full moon (I believe) and a Saturday night. Still thanks Corona for making the best of everything this year [insert sarcasm here]. Seriously I don’t do much I have a few decorations I put out to let the neighbours kids know we have candy in a cauldron, but that’s it really. It the lead up to it, the studio shoots we do, so much fun. As of midnight tonight we are allowed to leave the house for any reason (before it was just for exercise – with my camera), but no more than 25kms from home, we can do model shoots, but model AND photographer both have to wear masks and ONLY be outside. I’m thinking on it?

Anyway, moving onto this week’s Halloween SYW questions


What’s the tallest building you’ve been to the top of? I am pretty sure it was Sky City in Auckland New Zealand, OK not huge by world standards but for me super tall and I stood kind of near the edge. These were taken back in 2015 on our first visit to NZ.

What do you do to keep fit? Fit? Sorry I’m not sure I understand the question, lol. I am so bad I walk the dogs occasionally, do a little chair yoga or Tai Chi (too crippled to do it normally). We go for a stroll at least once a week of late to try and get back into things. At Frog Hollow we got lapped by an older gentleman power walking three times…I am not particularly fit.

What’s your jack-o-lantern carved to look like? Like I said we don’t really do a whole heap for Halloween, I did however go over the top for last year’s shoots…here is the fabulous carved pumpkin from The Corpse Bride.

Do you have hope or have you lost it? Mmmm what day is it? Some days I am full of hope, for myself, for the environment, the government and the whole of humanity…some days none. I live in hope we will rid ourselves of this horrible Corona Virus, but we still haven’t curved cancer, MND or the common cold…so who knows. And if we do? Then what we wait for the next pandemic or super bug or ‘super’ flu? People learnt a lot from the Black Plague and Spanish Flu, but will we? Sadly there is no cure for stupidity and seems to be our biggest problem, that and complacency.


The sky is blue and the sun is shinning, so I should be grateful right? I am feeling a little miserable, I have a swollen gland in the side of my next, it is rather uncomfortable and this morning I have to have an ultrasound, which I am sure will be REALLY uncomfortable, so I am not feeling particularly grateful for anything just now.

The end is in sight for our lockdown, but that could get taken away at any minute by stupid people thinking the rules don’t apply to them. I am surrounded by neighbours who have people over all the time. I’ve given up dobbing them in as it does nothing. I want to plan stuff, but every time I do I need to cancel…like I said I am finding gratitude difficult at the moment. Give me a few days I am sure it will come back.

I hope you all have a safe week…

~ Julz