Spring Outings – Frog Hollows Part 1

Following on from our visit to the Botanic Gardens last week, this week we journeyed to the out limits of our 5km exclusion zone and visited Frog Hollows. I had been lent a new lens to test and I needed something with a bit of distance and room to test out this big boy (well for me), so the wetlands of Frog Hollows seemed like a good place. Sadly they had drained much of the wetlands for some planting the day we were there and many of the birds had gone for a day out, as the water level was quite low in some spots. Still plenty of action to catch, some people fishing, jogging, spring blooms and some birds having easy access to bugs in the mud. There are a few separate areas to visit, it’s hard to believe you actually have to walk under the freeway to access some of it, so quiet and it feels isolated.

There are boardwalks that link the connecting areas, it was so lovely to capture things up nice and close.

~ Julz