Monday’s Musings

It’s already been a week since they let’s us partially out of lockdown and I’m sorry to say in some respects I already miss it. The shops have gone crazy and having to do food shopping was a nightmare. Let alone go anywhere else. I drove past the hardware store and it was crazy! In saying that I might pop into my favourite antique store for a little retail therapy later today.

We went down to Mum’s and started clearing out some of Dad’s office, sorting through his things. I guess I knew he was a bit of a hoarder, but not THIS bad…this is going to take awhile! Still, it doesn’t all have to be done straight away. Just a little bit every now and then.

Saturday I had a small sleep in and the house to myself, ahhh the simple pleasures right? Then I had to attend a presentation, get some stuff done and then had a friend over for a cuppa. It has been soooooo long since I physically had her sit IN my kitchen with me. Months!

On Sunday I got a rare treat, not quite an outing as such, but a friend I have not seen in (quite possibly) nine months (thanks Corona), met with me at Frog Hollows for a Portrait shoot. It was actually to test out some different lenses and focal lengths for an article, but hey, I’ll take anything. It’s been so long since I did ANY portraits. It FELT GOOD, it felt natural. I was a bit worried, silly isn’t it? But I have not done an actual portrait shoot in five months, was a bit worried I’d lost my mojo. But it’s like riding a bike.


I had a could of images featured in a magazine and then placed 3rd overall and 2nd in the photography and Digital Art section for this month’s Light, Space & Time Gallery with The Crow

The Crow

Those inquiring about the ultrasound and the swollen gland (Thank you), everything looks fine, I am on antibiotics which have helped enormously. I had this a few years back and they had no idea then either. But, already I feel much better.

This week…well my online Photoshop class is now halfway through (week 4 on Wednesday evening), I have another camera club presentation (I really am enjoying them), then things start to get a little busy. I have tentatively arranged some in person workshops, fingers crossed to go and visit a friend a few hours away I have not seen in many months. Things are slowly starting to ramp back up and return to somewhat normal. I don’t think we will see an old normal, but I am happy with a new Covid safe normal. We’ve so few cases in Australia, in fact 0 new infections and 0 deaths for two days straight, it’s wonderful and the sun is shining and I can see friends and go shopping and go for a walk, all cautiously of course, but still. We were basically locked in our houses for six weeks, tough, but totally worth it.

Well I hope you all have a safe and wonderful week…

~ Julz