Share your world – 4th November 2020

I guess this is the day that may change history as we know it. I do not believe any US Election has ever held this much interest outside of the US. I must admit I am over it and over HIM. I refuse to watch any more and just wait what will unfold and hold calmer minds prevail. Things in Australia are good and calm, with 0 infections and 0 deaths for like 4 days in a row. I guess we are cautiously optimistic. I have started making plans again.

So to this week’s SYW questions


Which meal is your favourite: breakfast, lunch, or dinner? If I am being brutally honest, I guess it’s the next one. I LIKE food, each meal has it’s pros and cons. I can go without breakfast, that doesn’t bother me, but I need my lunch to get though the day. I frequently have brunch and then move onto dinner. I also like my snacks.

Who do you admire most in the world? A lot of people actually. I admire those who have the tenacity to follow their dreams. I admire those who don’t let their fear stop them. I admire those who are creative and have a good heart. Sadly there have been people I have liked and admired who it turns out have a dark underbelly…but then I guess we all do to some extent. Sean Connery comes to mind, probably due to his recent passing (RIP), I was a huge Bond fan until the recent ones, but I really liked him in so many other movies. Entrapment or Medicine Man are possibly my favourites. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Dragon Heart, First Knight, Highlander and Indiana Jones’ Father. What an extraordinary career.

With the obvious restrictions in place, what do you regret not doing in the last year? The big one for me is not seeing my Daughter in March, I have not see her since August 2019. We have never been apart so long. I guess there is also travel. We had a lot of smaller local trips planned this year, I hope we can still do some of them and catch up with my daughter in Queensland as well.


I am grateful things are slowly resuming some sort of normalcy and there have been no new Covid deaths…THAT is always a good thing. I did my first portrait shoot last Sunday, granted it was just a few quick casual shots for an article I am writing, but it was still good. It was also good to catch up with a few friends and actually sit inside and have a cuppa.


I also got to go for a drive into the local forest in the gorgeous Spring sunshine and and visit one of my favourite Antique stores, a little retail therapy. It was lovely. I have also cleaned up the studio and shot some more simple still life…just coz.

I hope you all have a lovely week…stay safe,

~ Julz, xo