Spring Outings – Australia Gardens Pt 1

We seem to be three for three in weekly outings, it’s been great. Sadly we only seem to get one day between Friday and Sunday that’s actually worth leaving the house. The joy of Spring and unpredictable weather. This week is Australia Gardens in Cranbourne about 50km SE Melbourne. not far from my house, beautiful sprawling landscapes filled with iconic plants and scenes of the Australian Landscapes, with wonderful native birds and plants. Recently we have only been visiting two main areas, the scrubland where most of the bird activity is and the Orchid House.

So in this post…the Orchid House. Not many but still beautiful. It’s a bit hit and miss, I often find none and at other times lots. I also need to remember to take my little ring light as it is very dark in here.

I also need to remember to write down or take photo of the name and variety of each plant, as I can never remember.

All shot with my 50mm macro lens

~ Julz