Monday’s Musings…

Well I finally feel like things are returning to some form of new normal. I visited a friend in rural Victoria for the first time in ages last weekend. We had a family day out at the Melbourne Zoo on Friday which was great fun. I booked my first actual studio portrait session for in a few weeks time, with another quickly following. I ran not one but two mini workshops over the weekend, which was lovely, as well as another camera club presentation.

flowers from the still life workshop

So now I sit here with a coffee, relaxing as I am utterly exhausted, but mentally relaxed. It felt so good to just be…with family with work. Sure we still have to maintain social distances and wear masks and do temperature checks and hand sanitising. But funnily enough, even those seem oddly normal now.

Lion from Melbourne Zoo

This week I have work, a few classes and such (My 8 week Photoshop class is almost finished!) and I have a Christmas get together with my photography group, so weird the first time we see each other since March and it’s a Christmas get together, such a weird year.

It’s going to be one of those landmark years and events isn’t? Where were you and what did you do in 2020? A year I think many of us would sooner forget!

As for the cat Teddy, thank you for everyone’s comments he is doing well and back to his annoying self. I spent quite a bit of money to find out he was constipated…the joys of getting old I guess. Now we have Miss Chloe who has fluid in her lungs and around her heart, plus a heart murmur. But, I am pleased to say she is also responding well to treatment. So all is right with the world…for a little bit.

I hope you all have a safe week,

~Julz, xo