Share your world – 24th November 2020

Things are little better Corona wise here in Australia, 24 days of no new cases and no deaths, but even better we actually have no active cases and no-one in hospital. Such good news. Well, for Australia at least. I just wish it was the same everywhere else. Our restrictions are easing, and things getting back to normal. Borders between some states are coming down and some travel in regional areas is now allowed. I myself got to visit Melbourne Zoo, so that was a treat…

Apparently we are mixing things up this week, we some SYW questions that can let us get all self-absorbed, so this could be fun.

  1. What is worse than a dentist with bad breath? Optometrist? I guess anyone who really gets in your face would be awkward. Thankfully I have never had friends with that affliction, but I would like to think I could talk to them about it.
  2. Have you ever been rejected by someone that you liked, or been told that you were not good enough for somebody else? Oh it sucks, hurts so bad to be rejected by someone. Rejection hurts full stop, to be really like someone and feel that you are meant to be and then be rejected is the worst. I’ve been there a time of two, and even see my daughters go through it, and that is hard too. You can’t even interfere, you just have to sit on the side lines.
  3. Did you ever want to have toast for breakfast, only to find that all your bread was covered in green mold? Yes…lol way too many times. These days I generally have bread in the freezer for that very reason. Nothing worse than having a craving for something and then can’t eat it.
  4. Did you ever sneeze so hard that your whole body hurt? Well not my whole body, but have hurt my neck, my back and I think once it felt like a I cracked some ribs, but that was also from a coughing fit too.
  5. Did you ever buy clothing on the internet that did not fit, but you wore them anyway, since you didn’t want to pay the $5 shipping charge to send them back? $5 shipping? I wish no such thing as $5 shipping here in Australia lol. But yes I have items that I have bought and they didn’t fit. Whether I sent it back was determined by how much it cost. I have had a few items that didn’t cost much and sending them back was more costly so they became part of the studio wardrobe or given to friends.

Well, I guess I have several things to be grateful for at the moment, even though we don’t really celebrate Thanksgiving here. But, I hope you are all safe and enjoy what celebrations with family and friends you can. Hard to believe it is only a month until Christmas!

~ Julz